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In front of Hotel Edgar, on the same small charming sunny square,
this Italian Bistro just opened.
With a chic and relaxed ambiance, it’s a bright open space with Scandinavian furniture, large bay windows and terrace.

On the bar side, why not come celebrate a birthday, drink a spritzer, a Bellini or a good glass of wine while sharing our Baretto plancha and a selection of delicious Italian products: burrata with dried cod eggs, white pizza with Colonata bacon and spicy Gorgonzola …
On the restaurant side, you can try out our antipasti and our homemade pizzas with thin and crispy crust topped with spicy salami, artichoke pepper sauce, Mozzarella di Buffala or roasted eggplants, mint and hot pepper.

Eat-in or take-away!
Privatisation possible (

LUNCH: open from Monday to Friday
DINNER: open from Tuesday to Saturday


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Surrounded by the Passage du Caire, the oldest and most off-beat Paris arcades, and by the charming Place d’Alexandrie, come discover the hustle and bustle with a nice cocktail.

For the wines: Vessigaud, Seguin, Geantet, or even Mellot can be ordered at the bar.
As for the cocktails, the sixties are back in rage with Spritzers, Negroni and all the Americano versions.
For a perfect end-of-evening why not order a Cognac Lérault, Poire Mette, Glenrothes Whisky, or an old Santa Teresa Rum.

The bar was designed by Stéphane, Manuel & Salvatore

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The menu-mood is set with this ode to salt. Grilled octopus, David Hervé oysters with bread and Bordier butter, mussels and razor shell clams à la plancha with Salsa Verde and catch of the day from sustainable fisheries, a large choice of hand-picked products just waiting to be savored.

Refined dishes with specific and varied cooking times, accompanied with far-flung inspired and jazzy side dishes and condiments.

For those who like fish but fancy some meat for a change, why not try our excellent regional Basque boudin sausage, or Galice Txogitxu beef from Imanol Jaca.

Associate Chef, Xavier Thierry

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Edgar restaurant is implanted in the heart of “Little Egypt”, this part of Paris is demarcated by the Rue d’Alexandrie, the Passage du Caire and the Rue du Nil and rolls-out its large terrace on a small “village” square.
Its comfy sofas, its Scandinavian decoration and its warm ambiance boast undeniable charm within this former fabric workshop converted to a sixties look.

Sitting on the terrace, far from the commotion of Paris life, your cheeks will blush from drinking rosé or from upbeat chatter. You will simply enjoy tasting and sharing dish after dish of deliciously flavorful world cuisine. On Sundays, the whole neighborhood becomes pedestrian, making way for scooters and bicycles. A great place to have a quiet breakfast, enjoy fish & chips for brunch or just sit back and enjoy the view! Far off the beaten path, the Edgar restaurant has become a real Parisian hotspot.

From 7:30 to 10:30am (11am on weekends)
18€ Buffet breakfast
9€ Express breakfast
Brunch set menu at 27€ on Saturdays and Sundays from 12h00 to 14h30
LUNCH : open from Monday to Sunday
DINNER: open from Monday to Saturday

Continuous service: drinks, cold starters & desserts

Restaurant hotel


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It all started with love at first glance. What if it was possible?
Transform a dark and antiquated fabric workshop overlooking a small and quaint tree-filled square, into a stunning and charming place coveted by visitors and bustling with Parisians.
And the idea just grew from there!

All Guillaume had to do was convince family and friends to get involved in this crazy adventure. Photographers, graphic artists, decorators, creators and set designers set up shop, customizing the building and changing it
into a remarkable and refined hotel.
They created quirky rooms with unspoken expertise and imagination, all overlooking the charming tree-lined square.

Restaurant Decorator: Guillaume Rouget-Luchaire
Room decorators: family & friends
Interior Design Consultant: Barbara Bachman
Photographer: Thomas Millet
Graphic Design: Simone Agency  

12 rooms - Beauty products: Green Park by Molton Brown


Guillaume Rouget-Luchaire
owner & director
Edgar hotel & restaurant and American Bistrot

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"I put my family and a few friends to work finding decoration ideas for the rooms of the hotel, but I did keep one all for myself. Like the atmosphere you will find in the restaurant, this room makes a stopover in the sixties. The look is inspired by a diverse mixture of influences, from the colour scheme of Gio Ponti to Scandinavian furniture design to the elegant simplicity of Gruau's line drawings. As a lover of pastel colours and warm, cosy atmospheres, I invite you to softly sink into the elegance of the 60's."


Pascal Brault
Fashion designer for Chanel
Stéphane Lubrina
Stage designer: Realize for many years near Mr Karl Lagerfeld,
the decoration of Chanel’s fashions shows

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"This room was inspired by a photographer’s darkroom where light is blotted out to better reveal its occupants' dreams. The absence of colours enhances the rich mixture of textures of the wood, metal and rock, awakening the sense of touch
as of a Braille bedroom."

La cabane
de nos
grands parents

Nicolas Henry
Photographer & Artist

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"In this cabin-like room, enjoy a bright, colourful décor to inspire cheerful dreams and find you smiling when you wake up. This tribute to fun and wisdom of our forbears remind us of our link to others and the show that each one puts on for the other. To renew his promise towards the world."

In the mood
for love

Carole Caufman
Style director, Petit Bateau
Hannah Thual

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"The positive atmosphere of this brightly coloured room will stimulate you. There is a colour for every feeling: the pink of delight, green of prosperity and yellow of inspiration: "In the Mood for Love" will transport you through a rainbow of sweet dreams."


Fanny Dresch
Fashion designer
David millet
Creative director

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"Snuggle up in the sunny sheets of this cocoon
in the soft light of rice paper lampshades.
Clay, timber, cotton and natural shapes soften
your transition into a peaceful world."


Nanou Crepin
Director of Maison de famille
Anne-Catherine Tabarot
Creative director of Maison de famille

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"A bit of grey,
An exquisite day,
Paris on the way….
Pink's gentle blush,
I mustn't rush,
Rest in the hush….
Above my bed
An orchid beams.
A night in Paris
Filled my dreams…"


Thomas Millet

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"Karma Milopp, a bicephalic artist created
by Carla Talopp and Thomas Millet, is a "loving body". It all started with boy-meets-girl. Clear. Mineral. Magnetic. A natural experiment as we know nature, in all its force and purity."

Ma Nuit

Elise Darblay
BAptiste Rouget-Luchaire
Documentary directors

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"Enter this room like a trance, and fall under its spell as time is suspended. This setting will whisk you away to an unseen world where images take on a life of their own. Night here is eternally mysterious.
Settle in and await your dreams. They will ride
in on the moonlight."


Anne Arthus-Bertrand
Psychotherapist & Sculptor

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"A bouquet of red flowers against a blue background is reflected in the various mirrors of this room.
The momentary sparkle of this eminently feminine painting by Anne-Marie Joly brings pizzazz to the lilac walls of this room and complements the 30’s
and 50’s oak furniture. We fell in love with this piece, which won the "Grand Prix" of the city
of Paris' fine arts in the year 1960."


Béatrice Arthus-Bertrand
Marion Laurens
Creative Director, Artworklove

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"Step into the frivolity of childhood when you step into this room with its many toys and accessories from our younger years. Wake up good as new in this colourful, playful atmosphere."

La chambre

Alain Laurens
Creator of «la cabane perchée»
Daniel Dufour

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"Close your eyes and imagine that you are sleeping in any of the ninety watercoloured treehouses
along the walls."


Pierre Frey
Head of International Relations Department, Pierre Frey

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"Wrap yourself in the elegance and comfort of a room where assorted fabrics are combined with panache. You will want to stay on and make it your own."


Yann Arthus-Bertrand

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"Lala Salama” is Swahili for "sleep well".
I met you in the Masai Mara Game reserve of Kenya when you were three years old. I left my heart there among the animals represented on the walls of this room by Anne Steilen. I thank my friend Pierre Fakhoury for the statue of Augustin Kas S’y d’Abidjan and my old friend Hervé de la Martinière for the photo books. Your hotel is just like you: generous,
proud and full of personality. We all wish we could
be a bit more like you."

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For 2 persons starting from 250€ (upon availability & according to the room type)

• 1 dinner at the restaurant including 2 glasses of Champagne, 1 starter to share,
2 main courses, 2 desserts (a la carte and excluding wine)
• 1 night at the hotel
• 2 buffet breakfasts

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In the heart of Paris in the second district, the “Sentier” is the historic area of the textile and clothing industry. Preserved, charming and full of stories, this seducing small district of Paris is in complete mutation. An area more and more connected with places of innovation, with a concentration of start-ups, hence its designation
of "Silicon Sentier".

HOTEL: +33(0)1 40 41 05 19 - Fax: +33 (0)1 40 41 05 62
RESTAURANT: +33(0)1 40 41 05 69
31 rue d'Alexandrie, 75002 Paris

BARETTO DI EDGAR: +33(0)9 67 40 40 23
14 rue d'Alexandrie, 75002 Paris


Sentier (400m): line 3 - Strasbourg - Saint Denis (400m): line 4,8 & 9
Réaumur-Sébastopol (350m): line 3 & 4 - Bonne Nouvelle (350m): line 9 & 8

PARKING - see on the district plan

AIRPORT TRANSFER: Roissy Charles de Gaulle = 55€ / Orly = 45€



Tel : + 33 (0)1 40 41 05 19 / Tel : + 33 (0)1 40 41 05 69





Tel : + 33 (0)9 67 40 40 23




Legal notice
EDGAR, sarl domiciliée 31 rue d'Alexandrie75002 PARIS – au capital de 50 000€
Tel: 01 40 41 05 19 - email:
RCS : 532 997 632 - N° TVA : FR 94 532 997 632